About Us
  • 13 years+
    Dedicated to electronic technology and industry
  • 50 million+ dollar
    50 million+ dollar each year

ICCN electronic technology  Co., Ltd.,  was established in June 2010. In the early stage, our company mainly focused on foreign trade. Due to the expansion of our business scope, our company has been involved in domestic business since 2015. At present, our company's main brands include PTC (Taiwan Pucheng), Jmicron (Taiwan Zhiwei), Terminus (Taiwan Tang Ming), Liteon (Taiwan Guangbao), TI (Texas), ST (Italian French Semiconductor), Samsung (Samsung), Murata (Murata), Yageo (National Giant), etc. Due to the fact that our company mainly deals with factory customers and the support of the original factory, we have made certain achievements in technical support, PCB design, etc. Our company only produces genuine goods and can issue value-added tax invoices. We welcome new and old customer information.